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  • 2013年6月1日~3日
    TICAD V開催
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  • 2013年1月21日~24日
    GOODWILL AMBASSADOR EMMANUEL GBEVEGNON MEETING LEADERS OF NEPAL: SOCIAL,EDUCATION AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS. Activities: exchanging gifts, souvenirs and peace, reconciliation and development items.
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  • 2010年9月
    “September 2010, the Executive Director of Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology  and the Advocate for Reconciliation and Development visited Nepal to introduce the Reconciliation Process.”
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  • 2010年8月1日
    独立50周年・国民会議20周年記念祝賀会The Republic of Benin Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of Independence – The 20th Anniversary of National Conference
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  • 2009年8月
    「日本人間学会常務理事 勝本義道氏一行ベナン訪問 日本和解運動の第1歩」
    “Mr. Yoshimichi Katsumoto, Executive Director of Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology visited Benin in August 2009”
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  • 2009年6月20日
    African Soul Party
    Introduce the Slave Route and the Reconciliation through Speech, Cuisine, Dance and Songs from Tunisia and Benin in Africa, and Haiti.
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