The Act of Reconciliation

The Act of Reconciliation

The Reconciliation Act. (1999)

We, Africans of Africa, Africans of the Diaspora, Anglo-Americans and Europeans met at Cotonou from December 1st to 5th 1999 to reflect on the phenomenon of the slave trade and its negative effects on the three continents. Consequently, on behalf of the past , present and future generation, we agree as follows :

We, Africans from Africa, acknowledge that our ancestors had participated in the slave trade, and therefore take responsibility to seek FORGIVENESS from Africans of the Diaspora who are victims of the ignominious trade.

We Europeans, acknowledge that we are fully guilty of this slave trade because we bought Blacks based on a pre-planned system. Therefore we are asking for FORGIVENESS from the Africans of the Diaspora.

We , Americans of European descendants, confess that we are guilty of the expansion of the slave trade. We wanted to make ourselves a name through the vanity of goods by using massively the Blacks in our agricultural and industrial concerns. In this regard, we had used Blacks as chattels and subjected them to inhuman treatments. We ask for FORGIVENESS from the victims of this shameful and inhuman act.

We, Africans in the Diaspora, descendants of the victims of the slave trade, accept the EXCUSES and FORGIVE the European buyers and sellers as well as those Africans in Africa who were accomplices in this trade.

Together, we undertake to play an active role in the reconciliation process which will lead to more fraternity, more love in the interest of harmonious development of the Black.


Reconciliation Act.(1999) (奴隷貿易に関する和解決議) 日本語訳.(2003)






訳者:湊 昌久

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