The Slave Route Project (Tribute to UNESCO)

Slave Route

UNESCO launched the Slave Route Project in Ouidah, Benin in 1994. The initiative came about as a result of a proposal from Haiti and aims to promote a better understanding of the factors and parties involved as well as the lasting consequences of the practice of slavery and through mutual acknowledgement and understanding, to foster a culture of peace.

The Slave Route Project opened the way to the International Leaders Conference on Reconciliation, held in the Republic of Benin, December 1st to 5th.,1999.

This following document from UNESCO explains the reasons for the initiative and its achievements.
» The Slave Route PDF [English]
» The Slave Route [和訳]

For teachers interested in incorporating “The Slave Route” into your syllabus, the following teacher’s document might be of use to you.
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A transcription of then Director General of UNESCO, Mr. Koichiro Matsuura’s speech in commemoration of the abolition of the Slave Trade is also available.
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» 日本版

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